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I was making a joke. ‘A’ But I already have too many things to watch as it is.


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My Granddaughter cannot be this Trashy

love live and idolmaster aren’t trash animes have you actually SEEN THEM

Me before watching IM@S and Love Live: “There’s no way i can really like idol music that much”

Me after watching IM@S and Love Live: “Fuck”


I had to remove some names in hopes of this working so if you’re not on here then I’m sorry
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I had to remove some names in hopes of this working so if you’re not on here then I’m sorry

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Cool Lady/Enby Artists Of The Western Touhou Fandom


  Mind you I don’t know /every/ woman who is an active artist in the western fandom- most of the ladies mentioned are friends or accomplices I feel inspired by (or shamelessly date) and I feel need some positive credit!

 Artists refers to Translators, Musicians, Voice Actors, Illustrators and Writers.

 This list includes WOMEN and Non-Binary members.

grifflth is a cool person I’ve known through the Submas fandom and a person who got me more interested in Touhou over-all when I was trying to find something new to get into. They have AMAZING art and quality merch on their Redbubble that I recommend looking at.

megal0punny is another one of my Submas friends who got me into Touhou and really got me started into the Touhou music scene. She has AMAZING artwork and did someone say science? I recommend her work!

captainski is the peplord. Her work is amazing and hey, it’s always cool meeting another lady who isn’t femme in the fandom. Her work is so fetch and if you have some money, I recommend getting one of her fly ass shirts. I did and it’s super flyio.

a-lesbillion is a cool furry lesbian friend of mine I met (somehow) through the Furaffinity/Weasyl Touhou fandom. She’s super cool and does a lot of furry stuff- I totes say you should add her to your lists.

takebacktheyuri is the first person from PixIV I met and had no clue she was also gay- I was pleasantly surprised. Her work is super detailed and accurately represents lesbian relationships- plus you gotta admit her comics are funny, big example is the FAILICE Comic.

mynameisorz is a v.cool lady. GEEZUS THAT TALENT AND SHE’S SO YOUNG plus yuri and she’s an adorable cosplayer! All hail the fishwoof queen right? I totally say you should check her work out. Another really well representing artist!

sekibanki is the MuraIchi QUEEN and the lady behind the French translations of DesireDrive as well as an ADORABLE cosplayer. She’s super coolio and I recommend following her for her comedy and ideas!

2xpistolsandawink is a good friend of mine who does voice acting and some music shenanigans! She’s a great person and funny and she’s another good lass to add to your lists.

utsutori LEMME TELL YOU ABOUT HER CUTE ASS ART. IT’S CUTE AS FUCK. Plus she’s funny and has a good heart in there. Also she posts some really cute yuri here and there worth following for! Also Samemi x Wadda anyone?

princess-paigeling is my lil’ bridge princess who posts quality art and yuri AND SHE’S FUNNY AS FUCK. If you aren’t following her you should. It’s worth the click!


「無事」/「ソロピップB 三日目トー38b」の作品 [pixiv] #pixitail


Touhou on Playstation stream rip

Rumia and Wriggle 3/6; your choice
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